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A wire transfer is a simple and reliable way to electronically send money. It can easily be done from the comfort of your home through your online account. Save time, and save money with a wire transfer!

Easy access to Wire Transfers Now Available via Online Banking!


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Using the wire transfer service all members may


  • Set up Wire Payees (templates)
  • Initiate Single Wires
  • Initiate Multiple Wires
  • View Wire Activity
  • Create One Time (free-form) wires

Send money quickly and securely


Whether sending a birthday gift to a friend in a different state, or letting someone across the ocean know you care, an online wire transfer is a straightforward way to send money while providing security and flexibility.

Get your cash flowing with ACH services

Business members can now streamline payments and reduce transactions costs with our ACH Manager. Whether collecting payments, or making deposits, our ACH service provides member businesses with improved cash flow efficiency and reduces the possibility of check fraud.

ACH Advantages


  • Save money on check printing and mailing
  • Maintain cashflow by controlling when your accounts are debited for funds
  • Debit your vendors for services provided

Get Started with ACH Today

Transaction types that can be completed via ACH Manager:

Direct deposit:

Businesses will no longer have to issue paper payroll checks to their employees. ACH Manager will allow them to electronically pay them with direct deposits.

Electronic debits and credits:

ACH Manager enables B2B and B2P debits and credits to your vendors and suppliers, as well as for payments to utility bills and insurance premiums.

Tax payments:

You can send ACH instead of mailing in paper payments.


to complete a one-time payment or schedule recurring transfers, as well as set up individual payees or upload a list of payees into the batch